There goes another year! While 2022 wasn’t quite 2020 Part II, it was a roller coaster of a year. First, we saw the Covid Pandemic wane and then shoot back up again with Delta and now other variants. Second, there was economic uncertainty, are we in a “richcession,” bear market, or just tough economic times?

There is a bright spot, philanthropy. Giving Tuesday was a massive success, breaking records and proving there are people who want to contribute to helping others. In fact, reports point to giving in 2022 as one of the most robust and resilient, considering it was a year of war, pandemic, and all sorts of up and downs.

As for MPW's take on giving, we carefully looked at our client's experiences and matched them to what leading foundations, companies, and associations are saying about 2023.

Here's Make Philanthropy Work's In and Out list for 2023!



Zoom fatigue 

Face-to-face meetings (finally this webinar is useful!)

Donor Advised Funds

Family Office 

Multi-channel communication

Flexible giving

Giving Societies 

Tribute giving 


MacKenzie Scott (Always!)

Foundations following the organization's lead

Foundations tightening up and looking for alignment

Quiet quitting 

Loud layoffs 

Hybrid events

In-person events 

Social media fundraising 

Social first fundraising

Gifts of appreciated stock

Tax loss harvesting 

Crypto giving 

Crypto giving 

Email blast

Personalized AI outreach

Ignoring inflation 

Tightening up  

Black tie galas 

Avoid if you can . . . 

Scattered smaller giving 

Targeted major giving 

Gifts falling in your lap 

Donor retention 

Firms that fixated on their time, and not YOUR results.

Make Philanthropy Work