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Donor-Centric Fundraising (2)

How to Focus Your Efforts on the Most Likely Major Gift Donors

September 16, 2018 4 PM

We are going to get technical for this article. Are you ready!?!

Time is NOT on your Side in Fundraising

May 30, 2018 3 AM

Everyone knows staying in contact with your donors is a good thing. But if you're an executive...

Fundraising Truth: I've Never Talked Anyone into a Major Gift

April 30, 2018 12 PM

It’s a strange misconception, though understandable I guess, that good fundraisers merely charm...

The Millionaire (next door) Major Gift Strategy

March 28, 2018 11 PM

Anyone entering a profession needs a go-to book to ground them.  Entering the world of...

5 Ways to Know If You Have a Legacy Fundraising Operation

March 27, 2018 11 PM

In the movie, No Country for Old Men, Tommy Lee Jones Character, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, laments to...

Does your organization think fundraising is something that happens over there…?

October 21, 2017 4 AM

So, tell me, what is that you do in your department? That phrase, spoken with a bit (or a lot)...