MPW's Fundraising In and Out List for 2024

Our team of experts is excited to share what we know will bring you fundraising success in 2024 and what you should leave behind in 2023. Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think is in or out in fundraising this year!





Trust-based philanthropy

Gifts of stock

Donor Advised Funds (love it or hate it)

Guessing games

Doing your donor research

Going it alone 

Partnering with other organizations on gifts

Full-time Development Staff 

Consultants and contractors (yes, that’s us… though we all know a solid development officer can move mountains for your organization - if you can find one!)

Philanthropy is only for the wealthy

All donors make a difference

Pandemic government relief 

Diversifying your resources

Dry numbers

Inspirational stories

Galas (seriously, we keep saying this…)

Small, personal events

Chasing wealth 

Building long-lasting relationships

Demanding donors

Supportive donors

Hoarding information

Tracking your moves